Mighty Brighty Application

Mighty Brighty is available in 4 different sizes / kits for different sizes. Starting with the MPW10 kit for 5m2, to the MPW20 for 6m2, the MPW30 for 11m2 and the MPW445 installer kit for 45m2. Each kit always includes a base coating and top coating. The base coating is used for optimal contrast and the top coating makes sure that your screen is bright! Those two coating need to be mixed with a contrast booster and a brightness booster which are also included in the kits. Only the MPW10 is already pre-mixed and ready for direct use!

The MPW20 and MPW30 kit both have an extra include which is the Magne Coating (apply prior to the base coating) to  and Magne border for creating a magnetically framework around the screen. Those kits also include painting accessories to make the painting possible.

The manual of each kit includes a simple formula that can be used to always mix the coatings with the right portion of booster for your personal screen. This is based on the number of ANSI lumens of the projector, the number of outside light in the room, the size of the sceen and the position of the projector.

This also determines the color of the screen which will always be between white and grey.

Mighty Brighty - Installation in 4 Easy Steps
Mighty Brighty - 4 Steps Installation

How it works

BaseCoat + ContrastBooster
The foundation of the screen is the BaseCoat, which also determines the contrast level. Based on an easy-to-use checklist you determine the right amount of ContrastBooster to be used. This ContrastBooster sets the grey level of the BaseCoat for the screen area. Mighty Brighty offers a range from matt white to ultra grey (high contrast). All in the same package.

TopCoat + BrightnessBooster
After applying the BaseCoat, a TopCoat is required. Using the same handy checklist, you determine the amount of BrightnessBooster, which sets the gain value for the TopCoat. Mighty Brighty offers a gain range from 0,9 up to 1,4, depending on the amount of light the projector emits and some other criteria.

The unique MagneBorder is optionally available. This border greatly heightens the contrast perception of images on the screen. A magnetic paint must be applied prior to the BaseCoat and TopCoat. The magnetic borders can be easily placed and removed from the projection area. When the MagneBorder is removed, all you see is a clear white or light grey wall.