Why Mighty Brighty?

Mighty Brighty Advantages

The average consumer doesn’t know better than using a projector with an expensive projection screen. Or they go low cost by projecting straight to a plain and untreated wall. Both are options but a projection screen is sometimes just as expensive as the projector/beamer. Projecting on a rough wall will not provide the desirable contrast and sharp image we would like.

Mighty Brighty offers advantages and is the perfect solution to provide your ideal projection screen. Images projected at a Migthy Brighty screen are bright and good of contrast, moreover Mighty Brighty is very cheap compared to a normal projection screen and on top of that you always have the right size projection screen. After watching turn off the beamer and the screen turns back into a wall.


Higher Contrast and Richer Colors

As said Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint offers a lot of advantages that you would not have when projecting at a plain wall or standard projection screen.

  • Any screen size is possible, even complete wall projection!
  • Any desirable format (4:3, 16:9, etc.)
  • Any contrast and level of brightness
  • Matches any type of projector
  • Adjusted to projector position
  • Adjusted to amount of light in the room
  • High-quality results
  • Always flat and straight
  • Invisible when not used
  • Unique removable MagneBorder
  • Theft-proof, vandalism-proof,
  • Easy to clean, little risk of damage
  • Much Cheaper than a normal projection screen